About Us

We are a London, U.K based online boutique store that offers custom and hand made jewellery.Started in march 2020.

 This is a company run by a mother and daughter that have a great passion for jewellery. We opened this boutique to bring more of our beautiful culture and heritage to London.

We have partnered with more than 5 small companies based in Pakistan, India, Morocco and London. We try to give back to the communities in these places and to source out beautiful and amazing quality products for our customers.We try to include all cultural designs to accommodate everyone, from Indian/Pakistani to Moroccan and also Eastern designs.

Our main aim is to make custom jewellery and provide a custom service for each individual customer we encounter with the best service and at affordable prices for all different customers .

We pursued something we have a strong passion for and simply turned it into a small business.

 There is something for everyone here.